Dream: In a large banquet hall packed with tables and people all dressed up I took to my seat whistling ‘The Blue Danube’. Almost immediately after sitting down people began to sing the tune I’d been whistling in loud happy laaa, la la la lars. I joined in with false falsetto. After the singing had fizzled out people took to their food in silence.

Next, I was sitting at a different table with a group of close friends that I had no recollection of ever knowing. One of the friends who happened to have a piece of minced beef moving in and out of his left nostril in time with his breathing began to tell me about circles, and drew a circle on a piece of brown paper.

Later, after a good nights sleep I awoke in a room in a stone cottage with no interior decoration. Before leaving the cottage a friend told me to light a piece of torn newspaper in each corner of the room.

On leaving the burning cottage I felt slightly guilty as it was a nice building and didn’t belong to me, but my friend insisted that it had been the right thing to do. We drove off in the early hours with smoke behind us.

The next day I nervously returned to the cottage to inspect the damage and was happy to find that the blaze had burnt itself clean leaving not even a smudge of smoke.