Conversations overheard
while standing in an island
of shopping bags
- waiting for a taxi in a bus shelter.

1: A lady talking on the phone.

Hello sweet heart, sorry I missed your call.
No, sorry love I’m fully booked up for 2 weeks.
Well, it might be an amethyst -
the best thing to do is look online -
there’s loads of different crystals -
I only know the ones I’m drawn to
when I’m healing.
(I notice a print of Ganesh on her bag)
OK, we’ll catch up in a couple of weeks then.

2: Two ladies talking.

Well, you couldn’t do it then! You’d have to feed them live animals!
My friend keeps snakes, she feeds them live animals.
Really? How does she do it?
She knocks them on the head - they don’t feel anything.
That’s alright then!