end of shift –
half moon fades
in morning sun

the shortcut
across the football pitch
casts a shadow
deep midfield

in the final waves
staff desperately paddle
their mops to closing time

while navigating a torrent
of xmas shoppers
a vacuum cleaner sounds like a siren

on the way to the cobblers
treading carefully
over frosted leaves

after dusk
windows glow
a shade of sky

back from the seaside
I hear seagulls
in the fridge hum

brexit mourning
the old english gent
wore a black tie

two paddle boarders
combing the waves
until they curl

flu jab -
a second too long
choosing an arm

doctors waiting room
holding my breath
while a child coughs

the blood pressure monitor
sitting in front
of an audience

dawn -
not enough light
to write with a pencil

a spent rocket
on the morning lawn
pointing at last night's sky

so many autumns -
turning the leaves
of the family tree

late for work
she leaves
the coat hanger rocking

All Hallows' Eve
the fog turns cars
into pumpkins

sea fog
consuming autumn shades
- Feast of the Dead

Halloween -
following cat's eyes
into a tunnel of trees

rolling down the window
to smell wood smoke
- burnt shades along the Coast Road