wintery forecast -
falling blossom
mistaken for snow

break in the storm -
in road spray

rxeitb nsmae trxieb

summer storm
hail, thunder
and a car alarm

end of the heatwave -
on the carpet

summer breeze -
cathedral bells
and a bird of prey

at the cinema
a quiet sequence
pauses all munching

car stereo volume
with the temperature

in the park
a distant air horn celebration
- answered by a coot

in 2 films in 2 days
the phrase
‘Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.‘

for the third evening in a row
the fridge temperature light glows red

with a gasp
frantically checking hands
- beetroot on the tea towel

World Cup fever
- realising the supermarket will be quiet
when England are playing

too hot to get up -
a neighbour practises scales
on a flute

along the road home
trimmed overhanging trees
roar at the setting sun

lying down on the hotel bed -
a childhood memory of joining the dots
of a stippled ceiling

first day of the holiday -
a pleasant melody of beeps
at the supermarket checkout

solstice stroll -
from a clarinet
the last bars of Summertime

into the shade -
following silver footprints
in long grass

while a spider waits
over a corner
of dull cloud

a fluttering of starlings
gulp sky
to the glugging

of the sink
swilling down grounds
of cold morning coffee